Ultimate Selling Power

In 1990, our book Unlimited Selling Power was published. The Los Angeles Times, Success magazine, and Selling Power magazine selected it as one of the top business books of the year. We gave numerous radio and television interviews across the United States, Canada, and Australia, and the book became a bible for salespeople all over the world. A few years later, Success magazine selected Unlimited Selling Power as one of the top 10 sales books of all time, and then it was translated into several foreign languages. Nightingale Conant, the top audiotape company in the world, released a highly successful audio version of the book. Today, the book is in its ninth printing and is still a best-seller. What makes Unlimited Selling Power so popular? Simply put, the book made readers more successful. It made them money. It showed them powerful methods of human communication that enabled them to close more sales with less effort. As the Los Angeles Times pointed out in its review, Unlimited Selling Power showed how salespeople could earn $10 in extra sales profits for every $1 spent on persuasion processes suchas sales scripting. And scripting was just one of dozens of powerful techniques revealed in that book.

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