ASP in a Nutshell

Active Server Pages (ASP) allows for powerful web application development. It is both simple to use and, with its extensibility through ActiveX and Java components, very powerful. But what is it? Is it a programming language? No, not exactly. Is it a Microsoft-only rapid development platform? No, not really. Active Server Pages is a technology originally created by Microsoft as an answer to the sometimes complex problems posed by CGI application development. It
allows you to use any scripting language, from VBScript to Python, to create realworld web applications. Although originally only available for Microsoft platforms, ASP is quickly becoming available for nearly any web server on many operating systems. Microsoft suggests that there are 250,000 web developers using ASP and over 25,000 web applications built using ASP. So you’re not alone. You hold in your hands the desktop reference for this exciting technology.

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